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Current lead times is 4-6 weeks. But if you have an urgent order, call me on 0408 872509 prior to placing the order. And  I can see about fitting you into my schedule.

To place an order, simply enter your text and choose the colour, thickness and height option you would like to get. We'll calculate the price for you. When you're done, click on the Add to Cart button.

Even though secure payment is made via Paypal, you do not need to have an account with Paypal to pay via credit card.

Overseas orders please contact me before placing your order as postage is only valid for within Australia. I do send all over the world but postage needs to be calculated before placing an order. Thank you.

Please put in the note section if you would like your letters joined or separate to each other. Otherwise the default choice will be cut out in cursive style and all the letters of each word will be joined.

If any of your letters go below the baseline i.e 'y' 'g' 'j' etc please let me know if you would them them raised up to be in line with the rest of the letters otherwise they will not stand up level. This isn't an issue if the letters/words are being put on a wall but makes a big difference when it comes to having them stand flat on a table.

If in doubt about anything, please ask.

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9mm is best for light weight and hanging on walls door etc. 18mm is best for free standing and giving a good 3d depth.

Hardwood and other woodwork orders will be available soon to order online. Please use the contact form in the meantime.

Frequently Ask Questions


Why Buy From Archie Woodworks?  We are involved in the whole process of creating your order. From design to cutting out through to painting. Other wooden letters sites are just resellers or send their orders off to a wholesaler for processing. At Archie Woodworks, you can be guaranteed everything is created in Australia by locals. I can easily custom create your order to your specific needs where other businesses have to check with their wholesaler first or have rigid requirements and are not flexible.

What is MDF? MDF is a man-made wood product that is ideal for painted letters. It is made from wood that is compressed and bonded together to form a stable and smooth product. Not to be confused with chip board or particle board which is not as strong or dense as MDF.

Raw or Painted? Raw means your wooden letters are cut out and sent to you without any further preparation. Painted means the letters are undercoated, sanded back and at least 2 top coats of white high quality gloss paint. The painted letters are left to dry on our drying racks for several days till the paint becomes dry and able to be wrapped up for delivery.

Thickness? The MDF letters can come in a variety of sizes. The most popular are 9mm and 18mm. 9mm thickness is best for when the letters will be placed on a wall as the reduced thickness helps keep down the weight. 18mm is the best size for where the letters will be free standing. Ideal for displays on shelves and also at weddings on the bridal table.

Postage? Each woodwork order is carefully wrapped up in tissue paper and placed between protective sheets of MDF or plywood. Experience has shown the using sheets of MDF/Plywood gives greater protection whilst in transit than from only using bubble wrap. Postage & handling is a flat rate of $20 Australia wide.

Your order will be sent normally via couriers depending on your location. As they are more reliable and quicker than using Australia Post.

Letter Height? The height stating in the pricing refer to the total overall length from the bottom of the lowest letter to the top of the tallest letter. Normally this height is the same as a capital letter. The exception to this is when letters go below the baseline. E.g  “Roger” , the ‘g’ goes below the baseline of all the other letters so the overall height is then based from the bottom of the ‘g’ to the top of the ‘R’.

Baseline letters? If you have letters that hang below the baseline (‘g’,’y’ are the most common two), I can do a straight support stand or other method to still make the words stable and able to stand up by themselves. Please contact me prior to ordering, or you can fill in the comments section when ordering, so we can best resolve any issues with baseline letters.

Custom woodwork? If you have a special design or something unique or a slight variation, please let me know via the contact form. That way we can work out your exact requirements and I can do up a custom quote.

Need further help? Don’t be afraid to ask. I deal from experienced engineers through to grandparents and no question is too simple.

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