Wood Carved Photos

by Shane Archie

A lot of my clients come to me asking for personalised gift ideas. One of the first things that I point them to is a photo carved into a piece of wood. There are a few reasons why a gift like this is very special.

For one thing, it is one of the most personalised and unique gifts that you can probably give to a loved one. Since it is going to be a photo of themselves or something that they care a lot about, they are almost guaranteed to love the carving! After all, who wouldn’t love another photo with their spouse, children, grandchildren, best friend, or someone else special in their life?

What really makes this stand out as a unique gift is the fact that it is carved into wood. Unlike many very cheap imitation products that you might find out there.

Now you might ask why and when should you give something like this to someone. My answer is- just about any time that you want to make them feel special!

That said, I do have a few examples, along with a few ideas that can make the gift extremely well received.

Weddings– Everyone loves a good wedding, right? Everyone is happy, there’s a lot of dancing and smiling, etc. But what I’ve noticed over the years is that usually the gifts are pretty much the same- towels, pots and pans, maybe china or furniture, etc. In other words, they aren’t very personalised gift ideas, they’re just “what you normally get”.

Instead, why not get a truly unique gift that really stands out from the rest? If you get the lucky couple a photo carved into the wood, it will last for a very long time and they will always remember who gave it to them.

You can use a number of different photos for this. You can use one of just the couple, the entire wedding party, the couple on their first date, when they got engaged, or just about anything else! Because most couples have a lot of great pictures together, you can actually put together several personalised gifts for them by getting a collection of carvings.

Birthdays– Have you ever had a birthday that was just kind of “eh”? You know, where it wasn’t special and it seemed to pass just like any other day?

I think we all have, but a personalised gift idea like a wood carved photo can change that. You can do this for a very special birthday such as 16, 40, 65, etc. Or it can just be for any “normal” birthday! After all, the whole point is to celebrate someone’s birth, their age doesn’t matter all that much, right?

Baby Shower– I know what you might be thinking- “Shane, what photo am I going to use for a Vcarving at a baby shower?” Well believe it or not, there are several different ideas!


For one thing, it can simply be a picture of the parents. Even though most people think of a baby shower as a time to give clothing, bottles, etc., it is basically a time to give gifts to the parents, right? Well you can give them a wood photo carving of themselves, and it can be placed in the baby’s room for them to grow up with. It is always kind of neat to see pictures of your parents when they were younger, and if your child can see the photo carved in wood, that makes it even more special.

Another idea is that you can give a homemade coupon at the baby shower. For example you can make up a coupon that basically says “Redeem this coupon for 1 FREE photo carving from (Your name)”. Then explain that after the baby is born and they have photos of the little one, you will pay to have a wood carving made with the baby photo! Talk about a personalised gift idea, right?

Wedding Anniversary – Do you or someone close to you have a wedding anniversary coming up? If so, can you think of a more unique and personal gift than a photo carving?

You can use just about any photo that you wish, but personally I recommend a photo from the wedding. You only get one wedding day, and sometimes it’s easy for those photos to get locked up in the attic or basement instead of put on display. If you get a photo carving, it is much more likely to stay out and be seen every day.

New Job or Promotion– Did someone that you know recently get a new job or a promotion? If so, that is definitely something to celebrate in this tough economy! Why not help them celebrate by getting them a personalised gift like a Vcarving?

I realize that this is a bit different than some of the other ideas I’ve outlined, but let me explain a few ways you can do this. One thing that you can do is use a funny photo of the person. If they’re willing, they can take it to the office to kind of show that they aren’t always the serious employee that some might think that they are! Everyone likes to know that you have a lighter side too.

Another idea is that you can make it into a funny or serious carving with text. For example you can find a serious photo of the person, get a photo carving of it, and then at the top or bottom have some funny text carved into the wood.

Retirement– If getting a job is a thing to celebrate, then retirement is DEFINITELY something to celebrate! Why not help someone get the most out of their retirement with a personalised gift?

A lot of people hate to leave the friends that they made at their job, so you can use that as your photo. You can also use a photo of the person at their retirement party, and just present the carving to them a short while later.

In addition to these situations, I hope I’ve conveyed that there are lots of great times to give someone a wood carved photo! Because this is truly a very unique and personalised gift idea, I guarantee that your recipient is going to love it!


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